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70mm, 35mm, 16mm & 8mm film fest Banská Bystrica

7. - 8. 7. 2017

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Friday 7. 7.
Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven 21:30 [70mm] Letné kino na amfiteátri
Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven
Emil Loteanu, 1975, USSR/ML, 99 min
Spoken language: Russian. Subtitles: Czech.
Rada, a beautiful and very proud gipsy girl is used to steal men's hearts and monk them. Zobar is a horse thief who's heart is stolen by Rada and his mind is bewitched. He is ready to give up his freedom but not his pride.
Picture: 2,20:1, ORWO colour
Sound: 6-channel magnetic
Saturday 8. 7.
Amadeus 21:30 [70mm] Letné kino na amfiteátri
Miloš Forman, 1984, USA, 160 min
Spoken language: English. Subtitles: Czech.
The life, success and troubles of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as told by Antonio Salieri, the contemporaneous composer who was deeply jealous of Mozart's talent and claimed to have murdered him.
Picture: 2,20:1, faded colour
Sound: 6-channel magnetic
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