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70mm, 35mm & 16mm film fest Banská Bystrica

30. 6. - 2. 7. 2023

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8th edition of the [ppf] festival takes place on two locations in Banská Bystrica: Open air amphitheatre and the art club cinema in the Museum of Slovak National Uprising. Simply put, the 70mm evening screenings are held in the amphitheatre with a large screen and the 35mm/16mm screenings throughout the rest of the weekend in the indoor cinema.

These are about 15 to 20 minutes walking distance apart.

Ticket and accreditation sales will be available for one hour before the start each screening on both locations.

Letné kino na amfiteátri Filmový klub v Múzeu SNP Občianske združenie za! amfiteáter Kolotoče s. r. o. Múzeum Slovenského Národného Povstania Mesto Banská Bystrica
Komunitná nadácia Zdravé Mesto

This festival is generously supported by Komunitná nadácia Zdravé Mesto

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